A guide for those who plan to travel around the world


If you have an impulse want to travel the world, you don’t need to be ready to travel around the world in 80 days challenge as Mr.Fogg in famous adventure novels. You can take your time to plan a broad world tour, will cover all of the man-made and natural attractions attracts millions of tourists from all corners of the world.

First of all to you when are you going to travelthe world on a budget. Are you worried about it?Most of the budget is paid by the airline whether eat will consume the hotel bill. But if you can plan your trip and all expenses incurred in strategic way, the budget is

A cheap travel management

You will visit many cities you go to different countries all over the world. Do not buy individual tickets that make no sense for the journey. Instead, you should get a “world” votes, many airline alliance company to sell. Most of them setting the price of tickets depends on the total miles, you will travel and ticket very cheap option.

You can also consider other forms of international travel like ships or ferry, or train to travel from one country to another, the boat should not be on your radar, because they don’t come looking for a cheap price, completely overthrow your budget.

Saving money, living with friends or in the hotel

See if you have any friends or your family (), no matter how far away the city. If you’re lucky enough to have such a choice to enjoy free stay at home. In most likely you won’t have this kind of lucky choice so you need to find a hotel, provide cheap accommodation.

Look after the house is a very good thing, when you will travel around the world, looking for cheap accommodation. You can find the details of the house owner to invite people to stay in their own home they don’t have to carry out vital activities, like feeding pets or watering the garden. In most cases, these are all free accommodation choice, although you may need to pay the registration fee website to provide you with a list of people looking for nannies.

Before you begin to consider the factors

Now part is to take care of your budget, you need to pay attention to the trip itself. Suggest not to carry a large number of items with you, do not give you the flexibility to move easily. Don’t carry large amounts of cash, rather than use a debit card or credit card in the world, and allows you to withdraw cash and when needed. This is a good habit to look at all the emergency contact number you will visit your city to do a trip around the world.


Sheffield’s Home of Fish and Foods – Ballifield Fry

Travelling to the steel city has its own perks and side-attractions. From Steel mills to awesome music and a plethora of Star names from Sean Bean to Olympics Heptathlon winner – Jessica Ennis; you’ll always find something or someone to attract your attention, in a good way.
Better even than the above is the fact that Robin Hood, traditionally associated with Nottingham is actually from Sheffield. His natural inclination to doing good deeds is a particular trait of every Sheffield native and that seeps into every fabric of the Sheffield life.
The most welcoming part of Sheffield is Food and one Food Outlet stands out – Ballifield Fry.
Ballifield Fry is the unique Fish and Chips centre where every meal is a promise kept. Situated in Ballifield Drive in Handsworth, Ballifield Fry is the home of everything that smells like delicious and yummy combinations of fish, chips and all.
When you come into Ballifield Fry, you can’t but be impressed by the customer service, friendliness and most of all, the food. Foods on offer are; Chips, Fish, Chicken, Burgers, Seafood, Pies and Savouries, Peas, Beans, Curry, Gravy, Kebabs and drinks – Cans and Pops.
Ballifield Fry makes sure all you need to have a wonderful time in Sheffield isn’t far from you.
You also have the unique opportunity to mix food types to create unique food tables and this makes us one-of-a-kind in Sheffield. To top it all off, all our menu are at affordable and reasonable costs while you should expect that they’ll be prepared to the highest standards of dedication to excellence and quality.
Ben had heard a lot about the steel city and its friendly people. He wanted to experience first-hand the people, the culture and the food, and so into his car he hopped and began a journey which took him to Handsworth, Sheffield. It was 1 pm when he drove in and he was obviously thirsty and famished. He was sure he could eat a horse if it was presented to him and it was only a matter of time before he made good on that promise. Once he went in, he was surprised at the friendly ambience and the smartly dressed attendants. While he was shown to a seat by, another attendant offered him a drink of water to “cool off”, even before the menu was brought to him.
True to words, he ordered a large lunch and was making some grunts that meant he was enjoying his meal. He even went as far as complimenting the house on the delicious Fish he was served. When the bill was brought, he expected a huge bill but was surprised when he has to pay half of what we expected. “We’re more concerned about making you happy and satisfied” says the attendant. Ben was delighted. As he drove out of the parking lot of Ballifield Fry, he said to himself that he was going to make it a date to visit Ballifield Fry anytime he’s in town.
Like the story above, many people like Ben come in and return again after being served our unique menu. Be one of them as you visit Sheffield today.
Don’t go hungry, go Ballifield Fry.

Short Introduction of Finland and Finnish Taxi Culture


At the end of 2013, there were 5.45 million people living in Finland. 2.68 million men and 2.77 million women. There were 706 people who were older than 100 years. 89 men and 617 women. Nationalities divided between Finnish (89%), Swedish (5.34%), Laplanders (0.04%), Russains (1.22%) and other nationalities (4.09%). 47.7% of those people are single, 37% married and 15.3% divorced. There were 44,700 Estonians, 30,700 Russians, 8,300 Swedish and 7 400 Somalians immigrated to Finland at the end of 2013. There are 3.48 million people between ages 15-69. It’s interesting that in the year 1900, there was 2.65 million people in Finland. So in 113 years the population of Finland has more than doubled.

The bigger cities by population are Helsinki (612,600), Espoo (260,700), Tampere (220,400) and Vantaa (208,000).


The South-Finland three largest towns Helsingi, Espoo, Vantaa cover an area of 1,401km2/868.6mi2, containing about 15,000 streets and have about 1.1 million people. Of course you can’t compare the number of streets with New York or London, but it’s still a notable number for a taxi driver to learn.

It is estimated, there are about 5,000 regularly working taxi drivers. Adding to that, there are about 4,000 drivers who drive taxis after their day jobs.

The quality of the taxis used in Finland is mostly high. The cars in use have to be switched out every 3 years by law. The cleanliness and quality of the trip vary because of the different drivers. It’s rare that a taxi is dirty from the inside, because in Finland, it is forbidden to smoke, eat and drink in a taxi. The latter two don’t count for the driver of course. If you wish to eat or drink in a taxi yourself, I advise you to ask permission, just to be polite.

The starting fee and the kilometer charge are the same all over the country. The starting fee is 5.90 euros on workdays (6 am to 8 pm) and Saturdays (6 am to 4 pm). On holidays or Sundays the fee is 9 euros (11.25$) around the clock.

The kilometer charge depends on the number of people using the taxi. If there are 1-2 passengers, the charge is 1.52 euros (1.9$/mi). If there are 3-4 passengers, it’s 1.86 euros (2.35$/mi).

Finland Tourism

The temperature in Helsinki is always quiet low as it hovers around 6°Celcius. Finland the land of chilling beauty is known for their hip and happening sense of fashion, design and alliance with high technology. Helsinki in Finland is a unique destination that will delight the heart of any tourist.

Helsinki is spread across a cluster of promontories and the peninsulas here is 450 years old. The clean, wide avenues of Helsinki are lined with old buildings which tell the stories of the centuries. The place is known for its architectural excellence..

The serene environment and surroundings of the city promises to leave you awestruck. Here you can get the variety of trees, flowers, squirrels, hares, pheasants and also the odd elk. The complete surrounding has unpolluted air and the bright blue Baltic waters attract you without fail.

In Helsinki you can also enjoy various outdoor recreational activities like ice-fishing, skating, skiing, sailing, cycling, soaking in saunas, or, during the short-lived summer, sunbathing etc. There are many street-side bars sipping hot spiced wine named ‘gloggi’. This city is a perfect place for walking, the sights all concentrated in the central area.

Numerous festivals and fairs in Helsinki add to the enjoyment in Helsinki. There are various events conducted in the city like the May Day Carnival, October Herring Festival, annual Samba carnival, the Helsinki City Marathon, and the midsummer festival etc. These events speak aloud about the city’s rich cultural life. There are numerous theatres and dance groups in the city to add to the entertainment.

Getting Around:

The transportation in Helsinki is extremely efficient. It is rated as one of the best in the continent of Europe. The trams, metro, buses and ferry are easily available. The ticket for the same can be purchased from the driver. The special ticket counters are made available for the visitors so that they do not face any inconvenience. You can stroll down especially when the weather is pleasant. The city is so compact and amusing that moving around on foot is just fun. Alternatively, during the summer time you can make use of the hundreds of kilometres of bike trails. You can take a bicycle by paying small amount and enjoy the ride. There are ample of taxis available on order. You can easily go around the city by car and collect some memorable moments from this land of beauty.

Ten Things to See and Do in Finland

Finland is found in the northern part of Europe and has for its neighbors Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Russia and is considered to be one of the largest countries found in Europe, ranking sixth among all European countries, but it is also one of the least populated. Most natives of the country speak their national language, Finnish, although a small minority also speak Swedish, and Helsinki is the capital of Finland. An important trivia for kids about Finland is that it is considered as the world’s Christmas capital because they say this is where Santa Claus truly lives, and they say that the Christmas spirit and celebration here is incomparable.

1.) Museum

Finland’s Contemporary Art Museum in Kiasma is one of the most visited places in Helsinki because of its rich local and foreign collection of contemporary art. Its offerings on theatre programs include performance art, film, drama, and such. The architectural structure of the building is actually a bonus sight already.

2.) Cathedral in the Square

The Helsinki Cathedral is a sight to behold. There are also the neighboring buildings like the Government Palace, the capital’s state university main building and Finland’s National Library for you to visit. The Square is actually more commonly referred to as the Senate Square.

3.) Market Square

This famous square is lined up of several booths that offer different kinds of Finland’s native foods and food products, native crafts and mementos. This is especially a favorite destination of tourists especially those looking for a melting pot of food from different cultures. This is also a great place where you can buy your souvenirs.

4.) Ice Park

Whether you’re there to go ice skating or to simply sit back and enjoy people watching, the Ice Park in Finland’s Railway Station Square is also a destination every visitor must see. There are cafes here to warm cold visitors. There are also thematic shows that will surely entertain every local and tourist.

5.) Viapori-Sveaborg Fortress

This fortress in Suomenlinna is considered to be one of the largest fortresses around the globe today. Since it was founded back in 1748, the fortress has been a favorite destination spot for both locals and tourists. It was also listed by UNESCO as one of the World’s Heritage landmarks.

6.) Santa Claus Village

This is the most magical place in the world! Everyday is Christmas here. This is also where Santa Claus gets to read all the letters children send him from across the globe.

Travel Guide to Finland

A visit to the very beautiful and exotic Scandinavian country, Finland is part of a gazillion bucket lists. Slowly but surely, Finland has now become a top tourist destination. With so much natural beauty and development, the country was bound to receive its share of appreciation sooner or later.

If you are looking to take a memorable and nice vacation, Finland is the place for you. It is secure, fun, diverse, tourist friendly and has endless natural beauty. For the ticket, most travel experts suggest the usage of American airlines, especially if you are flying from USA, Britain or Canada. Being a passenger of American airlines countless times, I do consider it the most economical. But of course it is always a good idea to check out other airlines too. A landing at the Helsinki International Airport is the most viable and natural choice for tourists. The capital city of Finland is vibrant, exciting and to sum it up, the perfect place to start your trip. Summertime is the ideal season to visit but to be honest, even in winters, there is something magical about the city. Sibelius monument, Kiasma, Natural History Museum, Hietaniemi Beach, Esplanadi Park, Orion Cinema, Ateneum Art Museum, Toolo Winter Garden, Hietalahti Market Hall and Kaisaniemi Botanical Gardens are just a few of the countless amazing landmarks and destination in the city.

After a taste of the urban surroundings, escape to the wild side of Finland and explore the natural beauty the country has to offer. Despite being one of the most advanced countries, the people have made sure that the natural areas are kept the way they are and during summers, even the locals head to the relaxing surroundings away from the urban hustle and bustle. Finland is home to 188,000 lakes and many beautiful islands. Book a wooden cottage next to a lake, swim in the water, catch fish and do a barbeque to enjoy like the locals do.

Nature lovers and adventure seeking tourists are sure to have the time of their lives in Finland. The country is home to almost 35 natural parks which boast wildlife and unique species of plants and trees. Hiking and cycling are the most popular activities. Cycling through the wild pathways with birds chirping in the background makes you closer to nature than you ever wanted to be.

In Finland, the famous residence of Santa Claus is a great source of attraction for tourists. But even more than that, the Korvatunturi Mountain is popular. Located within the Urho Kekkonen national park, the mountain range offers a scenic environment and a visit to this park is said to be a must do thing. Few holidays can be as fun as the ones in Finland and that is why the country stands to be one of the most visited countries of the world.

The Adventure Travel Tips for Solo Travelers

You may be intimidated at the thought of traveling alone to a country that you have not visited before. But if you are able to overcome your fear and your sense of insecurity that arise in your mind, then it is certain that you will enjoy your trip to a great extent. It is a wonderful opportunity to travel around the world and it is considered to be a memorable experience for you. This article will highlight on the top adventure travel destinations that are considered to be suitable for the solo travelers.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be the best hub of adventurous activities. As a solo traveler, you can have enough time to spend outside enjoying the natural scenery of the place, basking in the sun as well as watching the wildlife roaming around the place. Other adventurous activities include zip lining tour, kayaking trip and so on. In fact, Costa Rica is named as one of the safest countries to travel for the solo travelers.


Whether you visit this spectacular place during the summer season or you want to go to the place during the winter season, you can get a glance of wilderness and scenic beauty of the country. Long tracks of jungles and long stretches of rivers and lakes make Finland offers the best place to visit in order to enjoy different types of water sport activities. Night time travel in Finland is another popular activity for the solo visitors.


The word Chile is synonymous with adventure and excitement. If you want to travel on your own, it is advisable that you should choose Chile for your next trip. You can either go to the northern side of the country to visit the Atacama Desert or you can travel in the southern part of the country to watch Patagonia. If you wish, you can go to Santiago to watch the scenic beauty of the place from close proximity.


It is situated on the western coast of North American province. It offers everything for the amusement of solo travelers. California is a peaceful abode to popular tourist attractions such as Disneyland, Malibu beach and Hollywood while the northern side of California features Smoky Mountains, majestic hills of San Francisco, the wineries of the Napa Valley and a few more. Outside the major cities of California, solo travelers visit the spectacular national parks, participate in hiking and zip lining tours and enjoy walking round the dense forests.


Pristine beaches, outdoor activities and delicious food make Thailand quite popular amongst the solo tourists across the world. If you want to travel alone and you want to make new friends then you should plan your trip to Thailand. In the northern part of the country, you will watch how the forests and fields bump up against the snow capped mountains. Limestone cliffs, majestic waterfalls and picturesque landscape draw attention of the solo visitors from every corner of the world.


The best option for the solo travelers to explore a vast country that is almost one thousand miles long is to sail up to the pristine coasts or even trek around the creeks and cliffs. For comfortable accommodation they can stay in comfortable hotels or they can even stay in exclusive mountain huts.